Cornerstone Homeless Shelter

The Cornerstone House is the only homeless shelter of its kind in Suburban Essex County. The 23 bed facility houses families and individuals in a drug and alcohol free environment.

Residents share a communal kitchen, dining and recreational area. Family quarters offer private baths, while individuals are housed dormitory style with a maximum of four residents to a room.

In general, Cornerstone is opened 6pm to 8am under the supervision of the manager 365 days each year.

Financial support for Cornerstone House comes primarily from private donations and government grants. All monetary gifts are tax deductible.

Volunteer support is a valuable resource for the physical needs of the building and the personal needs of our residents. Opportunities include garden work, sorting linens, making personal care packages and assisting with resumé writing to assist residents in their employment search. These services are a vital component in Cornerstone operations.


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